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Who Are We

 | Using AI to Enhance Your Strategic
Thinking, Decision Making and Planning

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Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new and original content. However, what is often overlooked is how useful it is for addressing business challenges, and that’s without having to get ‘technical’.

Leaders in growing organisations, need to have strong strategic skills and capabilities to deal with complex and dynamic business challenges.

In these sessions you will learn to use Generative AI to:

  • Benchmark your business against the competition.

  • Generate innovative ideas for your products, services, markets, channels, partnerships, etc. that align with your vision and meet customer expectations.

  • Find optimal solutions for complex problems that involve multiple factors and evaluate their feasibility, viability and desirability.

  • Explore new practical and organisational opportunities to future proof your business.

“You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away.
You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.”

- Jim Butcher

Work the problem. Learn the Skills.  |

Our AI Summer School is a one-to-one coaching experience that focuses on your specific needs and goals. In each session, you will work on a live business challenge that you bring from your organisation. You will use the now readily available AI tools to generate outcomes that help you meet your business objectives.

This is a live one to one course.  You will be inputing prompts yourself; we will evaluate, explore, and improve the responses together. We’ll guide you through the thought processes necessary to get the best out of using this technology.

Guided by Jon Bains |

Jon Bains has been recognised as a digital leader for decades and more recently as a pioneer in the practical use of AI for business. Jon has over 25 years of experience in delivering successful and award-winning digital experiences, and is a founding partner of What & Why, a consultancy that uses Generative AI tools to help clients develop and execute their communications & brand strategy. Over the years he has worked with clients such as Levi’s, Nintendo, Five, Which?, CIPD, AXA Wealth, TES and Amnesty International. 

Finding the time |

Knowing how busy things can get, you can choose between breakfast & lunch sessions throughout July and early August. There are very limited slots available so worth getting in quickly. You are welcome to book more than one session of course!

Registration |

To register for the program, please select a session and pay the the introductory fee of £500 per session. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your chosen sessions. You can cancel your registration up to 5 days before the start of the session and receive a full refund.

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